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Beautifully Thin has officially opened its' doors. I am currently looking for two or three moderators, preferally responsible, intelligent people that can be active in the community.

Please start spreading the word about BT. Recruit, advertise! Thank you!


Feel free to create some BT banners. It would be greatly appreciated.

Rules of Membership:

This is a community for people with disordered eating patterns, anorexia, bulimia, ED-NOS, binge eating, and unhealthy dieting. It is NOT a community for posers, wannabees, and those wishing they could have an eating disorder.

This community is meant to be a place where those with EDs can meet and talk to others dealing with the same problems. There will be no bashing or putting each other down (unless, of course, you are a poser and deserve to be). Constructive criticism only, please!

We embrace all people who truly suffer from some kind of disordered eating pattern, whether it be diagnosed or not. And trust me, we can tell the true sufferers from the fakes.

Also, PLEASE reframe from using chatspeak (aka u 2, lyk wax up?, dis is kewl!). Not only is it annoying, but it is also immature and shows lack of intelligence. (/End of grammar rant).

When you join, please fill out this application, so we can get to know you better:


ED Type:




Additional Info about experiences with your ED:

Post the above application with your first post!

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