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Hi girls! I'm starting a new fast. Maybe for 5 days or so. Anyone care to join?
So, I'm on holiday with my family now, but when I come home (saturday) I'm gonna start on some diet pills called "Thermobol". Has anyone here tried those before? Do they work? Pleas answer, I'd be glad.
:) Good luck, stay strong huns!

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I just bought this diet pill called "Internal Flush". I know it sounds pretty gross, but it's supposed to get rid of everything in you or something. It sounds like a healthy pill to me, but I want to know how it worked for anyone who tried it and if there's any side effects.

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I went to this site http://www.geocities.com/melgsunshine/lookingfortips.html when I googled bulimia and I'm scared. I knew you could get sick and I thought only a few people could die but I heard all these stories like how someone died from choking on a toothbrush she used and that when you purge your heart could stop and lots of stuff could go wrong. I purge everything I eat, which isn't usualy much. I can't go a day if I eat something without purging. I really don't want help, I want to lose weight and it's to hard to stop. I do eat bad stuff and purge because people cook me stuff and I feel bad if I don't have it because they made it for me and I feel worse when I do eat it so I purge. I only eat when I'm with people, which is a lot and this is why I'm not losing weight. So whatever, I'll just eat celary when I'm around people saying I'm full or I'm sick, like before, and then they'll make me eat again...
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off topice, bf stealing... and eating with people

off topic part(bf stealing.../?)
When I posted about how I thought my boyfriend was stealing from me, and said my dad saw him put my ring in his bag someone posted and said that her dad used to do say stuff like that, but it wasn't true because her father is diabetic. I got hit in the head with a brick, how could I not of thought of that? My dad is nuts. He always starts fights with my boyfriend for no apparent reason and my boyfriend is nothing but nice to him and me. My dad is such an asshole! I bet it was him who put it in his bag to set me up to break up with him. He did something kind of like that with a condom he said he found when i never had sex... and the condom was supposedly "full"(ewwwwwwww). My dad disgusts me. He's so immature. He always had something against my boyfriend for no reason. I think it's because he still thinks I'm his 'little girl'... but I'm 15, not 8. My dad has serious problems... he doesn't work because he got hurt at his job and he hasn't been working for like.... 10 years but still gets paid somehow. He's always in the basement and like never goes out, unless he wants to 'buy' my love as always which I hate. Like who is he anyway to go through peoples stuff? He does that all the time to my boyfriend and I. Anyway way, I don't know how to get my dad to change. By the way, I'M NOT DUMPING MY BOYFRIEND! He's way to sweet, I know it's my dad, my dad is weird. What do you think I should say to my dad?... I want him to get professional help like to go counseling but he keeps acting like a prick and omg I've been with my boyfriend for 2 years and he treats him like shit, its so rude.

Anyway lol.
My family is always around cooking for me and I hate it, but I feel bad if i don't eat what they give me but I feel even worse if I do eat it.

new girl

Name: jaqueline
I have had eating disorders for as long as I can remember, though I've never really told anyone besides a few close friends. As an ex dancer I was constantly aware of my weight even when I was really young, grade three and four etc. Ive never been involved in any communities such as this one.. but I've basically become aware over time that I don't really wish to recover, i mean, I want to be healthy, but I definetly need to be thin to be happy.
I just need some outside support or atleast information because I really can't talk to other people about this.
Also I was wondering how common eating disorders are.. I feel like so many of my close friends have one.

should I put up pictures?
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Off topic, but i don't know what to do.

I know this is off topic. But I think my boyfriend is stealing stuff from me. The last time I've seen my cell phone was with him and then all of a sudden it 'disappears'. Same as my pink mini i-pod. Today I couldn't find the ring he gave me. I was crying and looking all over when he was hear and he was disappointed in me saying how immature of me it was to lose it, so I thought maybe my cat was playing with it because she likes shiny things. Then he left to go for a job interview, and my dad told me that he thought he saw him put it in his back and it was there. When he came back over I told him and he told him it wasn't him and he had his back-pack open so my cat put it in. I know he's lying. Last time when I mentioned about him stealing my cell phone and i-pod he was soo upset with me and he was denying it. He told me before that having a fancy cell phone is stupid and he thought I didn't need one, then it's gone, same with my i-pod, gone. I do love him sooo much but I really don't know what to do, I can't be mean it's too hard for me. I don't know what I should do. Anyone have advice on what I should do?
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Has anyone heard of the diet pill Hoodia? It's supposed to make you not hungry or something. I want to know if anyone tried it and if it works or not, and where do you think they sell them?


Hey ladies, I wanted to see what ya'll had to say about this::
When exercising, is it better to do like 10 minutes of the treadmill, 10 minutes on the elliptical, and then like 10 minutes on the bike or to just stick to one of those for a longer amount of time? and if it is better to do all 3, then the intensity should be high right? so is that fast w/ low resistance or slow w/ high resistance??

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For the past week or so, everyday I've been doing 2 turbo jam work outs and a 8 min tae bo. I still have a problem with my boyfriend wanting me to eat, like all the time. I know I can use excuses like saying I have cramps or i don't feel well or whatever, but I can't do that everyday because he's going to find out why I'm not eating sooner or later. He knows that i had problems with eating before and he thinks I'm over it, but I'm not. He doesn't want me to go on a diet, take diet pills or lose weight. It's so hard. I hate eating, I don't want to eat, but I have to when I'm with him. I'm not sure how much weight I lost because I don't even have a scale, but I know I'm losing weight and I'll show my stats whenever I figure it out. What should I do?