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Name: Belma

ED Type: bulimic

HW: 140

CW: 110

LW: 40lbs 

Hi everyone im new to this community and i hope to get to know all of you and to relate. I have been Bulimic for 2 years and i have made such a part of my life that i know its no good for me but ivied learned how to deal with it and how to work with it. Add me if you want; i would love to get to know all of you.


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Hey everyone

i joined this community at the begining of the summer and then i have just recently started back on lj.

i was just wondering if anyone wanted to add me to their friends because i am looking for all the support i can get.

Also does anyone have thispiration books ect and how much do you find they help.
i constantly read magazines and love all the photos and was wondering if a book or something would be of help.

that is all and hope everyone is doing well.


I posted an entry in my journal today that has a few tips and thinspiration tactics y'all might enjoy...please check them out at my journal site and add your own so we can all share what works and what to avoid!
Think thin ladies!
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hey girls

this is kind of an extension of my last post

im starting a fast today and tomorrow, and then i am going to start restricting. im going to start with under 1000 calories and go from there. my fasting goal is 100lbs. anyway i can maintain it at 1300 calories a day, but i dont want to because ill be going to university and i wnat to make my habits better. so if you are in the same boat or just want to keep each other company during our fasts, leave me a msg :) add me on msn too if youd like. s_wildhoney@hotmail.com

thanks a bunch :)

good luck xoxo



Hi Im Jodie and im EDNOS, i eat as little as possible and exercise but still dont fit into propper anorexic catagories (bmi etc..) i spent a long time in denial about my eating disorder and didnt feel i could talk to anyone about it. iv only recently got livejournal so i dont really know too much bout it and im rubbish at finding my way around it. but im sure ill find out!!

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hi! this is going to seem like a really weird question- but i need help with purging. i have a very weak gag reflex and it takes me a long time to get anything up and even then it is very little. I am Ana w/ exercise bulimia but not real bulimia, and ive lost the ability to exercise indefinately becuase of an injury and i need to be able to purge. I am sorry if this question offends anyone because i am not bulimis, but i do have an eating disorder and i need to find a way to cope with situations where i have to eat that isnt exercise. thanks so much!

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Hi everyone,

Recently I lost to 98lbs which is really really good for me but there is a slight problem. Everytime I eat after i lose to 98lbs (to rev up metabolism, and because its impossible ot restrict 24/7) i gain weight slowly. As a result I fast again. I eat about 1300 calories of raw foods only.... so i dont really understand the weight gain. Does anybody know why? And how i might fix it?


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hey all,

so i injured myself badly and cant exercise indefinately. i need adderal to get me through this...because i need to not eat to stay thin, because i cant burn calories. so, suggestions? how do you guys get it? anyone selling/know anyone selling or how to get it on the internet? i really need to help.this is such a horrible situation. thank you!